Kamiak Butte Amateur Repeater Association, Spokane WA

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KBARA (KB7ARA) is a regional amateur radio club for the inland Pacific Northwest region of the United States.  We also help all amateur radio operators understand and use the linked repeater system for the benefit of all.

The primary purpose of the KBARA repeaters is to provide a means for emergency communications within the Pacific Northwest, and secondarily for routine radio communication. Most KBARA repeaters are audio linked in such a way that when you speak on the repeater near you, your transmission is not only heard on your local repeater, but is heard on all of the other repeaters as well.  This makes possible a single system of amateur communications coverage, extending the limited range provided by any single repeater operation.  Most KBARA FM repeaters operate in the VHF bands and are linked together using UHF radios and IRLP.  It covers an area from northeastern Washington to northeastern Oregon, and from western Montana to central Washington.

As of July 2013, the East-West Evergreen Intertie RF link has been abandoned. Instead, a full time IRLP link has been installed. This allows improved audio and less dependency on RF links that had to be repaired almost every winter. As an added advantage, any IRLP linked repeater in the world can join our system by simply connecting to IRLP reflector 9075. Invite your ham friends elsewhere to connect to IRLP reflector 9075 anytime.  Thanks to Dave, KL7M for the use of his IRLP reflector.

The repeater frequencies, callsigns and locations are as follows:  

Frequency / Callsign
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RF Linked?

Status                       Repeaters
223.90 Mhz / AK2O
Stensgar (Stranger) Mt, northwest of Spokane near Chewelah, WA
Yes - Hub
147.38 Mhz / N7WRQ
Mica Peak, southeast of SpokaneNew repeater installed 02/28/21 thanks to Jim and Glen.  Please note the need for a 100.0 Hz tone.
Yes - AK2O (223.90)
147.36 Mhz / N7WRR
Stensgar (Stranger) Mt, northwest of Spokane near Chewelah, WA N7WRR
No - Hard wired
to hub controller

147.02 Mhz / KB7ARA None Lookout Pass on the Idaho-Montana border
Drone view of the 147.02 repeater site
No - W7OE (147.38)
147.28 Mhz / KB7ARA None
Pikes Peak, Southeast of Walla Walla

Yes - AK2O (223.90)
147.32 Mhz / KA7FVV 103.5 West Twin, near Moscow, ID KA7FVV &
Co-owned group
Yes -  IRLP Reflector 9075
. Echolink Node KB7ARA-R (947272)

KB7ARA-R Yes - AK2O (223.90)
IRLP Node 3636 (KB7ARA)
East Tiger Mt, Issaquah, WA 

KB7ARA Yes - K7NWS (145.33) &
IRLP Reflector 9075

IRLP Node 3638 (K1RR)
Spokane, WA
K1RR Yes - AK2O (223.90) &
IRLP Reflector 9075

All KBARA Repeaters use standard offsets and offset directions