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Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP) Information

General IRLP Information:
IRLP is a system to route amateur radio audio from FM transceivers over the Internet to any other node or reflector in the world.  Please visit the Internet Radio Linking Project web site for detailed information about IRLP.

To determine the current status of any IRLP node or reflector, visit:  http://status.irlp.net

The KBARA Linked Repeater System currently has two IRLP nodes:

IRLP Node Purpose
Internet Radio Linking Project Node #3638
Owner : Glen Ahlborn, K1RR
South Hill, Spokane, Washington
As of July 2013, this node is used as the Eastern end of a full time East-West audio link, allowing KBARA repeaters to participate in the Evergreen Intertie.  The Western end of the East-West link is node # 3636 located on Tiger Mountain near Seattle. Both nodes are connected to IRLP Reflector 9075 at all times.  

While it is technically possible to use this IRLP node to make outgoing IRLP connections to other nodes and reflectors, the E-W link would have to be turned off to do so.  Therefore, using this node to make outgoing connections is strongly discouraged.  Do so only if you know exactly what you are doing, and the KBARA Control Operators are aware that you will be making IRLP connections.  Always restore the E-W link to the condition you found it when you are done.  Instructions for using this IRLP node are no longer published on this web site.  Contact the KBARA Technical Director, John-W7OE, the node owner, Glen-K1RR, or one of the KBARA Control Operators for assistance if you think you need to use this node for purposes other than the E-W link.

Instead of initiating an outgoing IRLP connection on this node, invite your friends to connect their IRLP node to Reflector 9075.  You'll automatically hear them on the KBARA system when they sucessfully connect to Reflector 9075.
Internet Radio Linking Project Node #7085
144.910 (Simplex in Spokane Area) (103.5 Hz Tone)
Owner: KBARA
Site Host : Dan Carter, KG7ZCW
Airway Heights, Washington
This node is attached to a transceiver using simplex frequency located in Airway Heights.  It is available for anyone in the Spokane area to use for outgoing and incoming connections.  Tune your transceiver to 144.915 mhz, no offset, and use a CTCSS (PL) tone of 103.5 hz.  Unlike other KBARA repeaters, a tone is required for access.

To connect to another IRLP node or reflector, give your callsign over the air and announce your intentions before doing anything.  Use your DTMF pad to dial the node or reflector number to connect.  For example, to connect to node #8838 in Palmer Station, Antarctica, dial 8838 using your DTMF pad.  A voice will announce success or failure.  If the connection is successful, the node number 3282 is announced over the air at the other end.  You should then listen for a while to make sure you are not interrupting an ongoing conversation, then say your callsign and location and commence with your QSO.

When you are done with your conversation, wait for a moment of silence, and dial 73 using your DTMF pad.  A voice will announce the disconnection.  If you need to determine the node or reflector number, visit http://status.irlp.net