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Nets On KBARA Repeater System

  Weekdays : 7:00AM  7 AM NW Regional/International Net   PDF Version
  Weekdays: 10:00 AM to 12:45 PM Alaska Net on IRLP Reflector 9109.  Automatically connects then reconnects to 9075 at 12:45 AM
  Weekdays:  5:45 AM and 4:45 PM Weather Net

      Monday :  9:00 PM Spokane Region Storehouse ERC Net
      Monday:   6:30 PM Washitngon State Emergency Net (WSEN) Regional Net
     Tuesday :  8:00PM American Red Cross Net
Wednesday:  7 :00 PM  Wednesday Evening Net  PDF Version
    Saturday :  7:00 AM Stanley Steamer Net
       Sunday :  7:00 AM Road Runners' Net

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Morning Net Control Schedule

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Net Controls - 7am NW Regional & International Net / Stanley Steamer Net / Road Runners' Net

Sunday: Fred, KK7NXS

Lives in Monroe, WA 

Fred, KK7NXS, was slated to take his Technician test in March.  Three days before the scheduled test, the state shut everything down due to COVID.  With luck and may thanks, remote testing was opened up and he passed his Technician License test on May 18, 2020 and received his General License, June 27, 2020.  Fred grew up in Washington, and now lives in Monroe with his lovely wife of over 20 years, and two beautiful daughters.  The HAM hobby is just one of Fred's many activities outside of all the family events.  He is Master of Sultan Monroe Masonic Lodge (2020/21), loves to fiddle with cars, camping, fishing and of course now, Net Control for the Sunday Show!  Fred is also a member of the Puget Sound Repeater Group (PSRG), and the Snohomish County HAMs Club but is most active on KBARA.



Mondays: Jim, KM7H

Jim, KM7H, started his Ham career as a Novice in 1959 at Colville, WA as a Senior in High School. Then college, grad school, marriage and family happened. In about 1970 he got back into Ham Radio in Kansas as WA0ZEJ and mostly operated QRP CW (because that's what he could afford!). After a move to Washington, Snohomish County he got involved with RACES and served as one of the net control stations. He now lives in Addy, WA. In addition to KBARA he does some net control for Stevens County ARES and Panaramaland Amateur Radio Club in Colville. He's retired and he and his blind Beagle (Daisy) are just enjoying being back home in the Colville Valley and getting more active in Ham Radio once again.




Tuesdays: Robert, KI7WPI

Robert Carpenter is 13 yrs. old and is relatively new in the HAM hobby.  He received his license as a Technician on April 18, 2018 and has stayed a Tech since then.  He is fascinated by electronics and loves tostudy and explore them.  His dad works as a test engineer and knows about everything electronic-wise.  Robert's inspiration to be a Ham is his dad, Mark, received his Tech and General license at the sametime, but failed on the Extra.  Robert got interested in the HAM hobby and became a Tech after him.  If you want to contact him, call his dad at
509-998-4890 after 7 pm on business days and/or at any timeon weekends.



Wednesday: Dan, KG7ZCW

Dan hosts the net from his shack in Airway Heights. A brand new ham getting his first ticket on November 7th of 2015 then upgraded to general on April 2nd 2016. Dan enjoys many ham radio activities especially CW. Dan spends time taking care of two of his grandchildren that currently live with him and when not in family or ham mode his other hobbies are hiking, fishing and camping. He has three fish that do the net with him in the morning all named Ron. Dan can be reached at
db.carter at hotmail.com.




Thursdays: Dennis, KF7UTH                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Dennis is one of our longest running net controllers.    His is going on 6 years as our Thursday Morning Host.  Checked out his great article in the Summer 2018 KBARA Newsletter.



Fridays: Harry, W7HEE


Harry and his wife Deb, both retired, along with 8 chickens, 2 cats, dog and other critters live in Reardan, in Lincoln County, Wa. A new ham in March 2013, Harry became a General in December 2016 and Amateur Extra in July 2017. Harry has recently been certified as a VE, both with W5YI and ARRL. Harry is also currently active with ARES/RACES, training with Spokane Emergency Management, taking courses provided by FEMA/DHS, Red Cross and others. A long time electronics, telecomm and low voltage technician both here in Spokane and Seattle, Everett metro area. He also served in both the USAF(Security Police/Law Enforcement) and the USNavy(Shipboard Defense and Weapons Systems) and served in Vietnam. Harry can be reached at w7hee@hughes.net



Saturday: Joe, KB7AAB

Joe comes to us from Moscow, Idaho and is a welcome voice on the Stanley Steamer Net.
Thanks Joe for returning  as our Saturday Net Control.



Thank you to our past net controllers for their dedication in keeping our nets going

Scott, KA7FVVMr. Alternate
Occasional Wednesday night net control, Scott lives in north Spokane. Enjoys most facets of amateur radio but especially satellite communications. Also enjoy working with computers amateur radio and
non-amateur radio related, astronomy and camping with the family. You can find Scott on the KBARA system and on D-Star reflector 29A. 





Mr. Sunday Duff, WA7BFN

Duff thank you for your assistance with this net. 
Duff Johnson Star of stage, screen, commercial and amateur radio, Duff Johnson your Sunday AM Net control, brings his wide and colorful background in communications to KBARA'S roster of talented and unique net hosts. As a professional radio and television voice over artist, Duff's ability to entertain and involve net participants makes for a lively, fast paced experience you won't want to miss. THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING happening and being said on the "net". YOU JUST NEVER KNOW who will show up next to say hello.  Duff resides in Spokane, with wife Judy, Henrietta and Squishy and dogs of dubious distinction. A ham for over 50 years Duff enjoys all aspects of the hobby with CW and the digital modes his favs. Other interests include aviation (commercial pilot) RC aircraft (gliders and thermal soaring) and computers with Linux and the quintessential Raspberry Pi at the forefront. Need help, want to chat, you can find Duff on the "38" or "36" and D-Star reflector 29A. E-Mail? Sure,
wa7bfn at msn dot com. Till next we meet, dah dah dit dit dit / dit dit dit dah dah

Mr. Alternate2 Alternate/Elmer Net: Glen, K1RR
When not spending time in the Elk River City Jail for elder or "elmer" abuse, Glen spends a lot of time in many different aspects of amateur radio. Glen doesn't just limit himself to amateur radio repeaters, but enjoys lots of HF rag-chews & contesting. He also has been known to launch a high-altitude balloon and is still trying to figure out where they land. Also a big digital radio user; from PSK31 to RTTY, D-Star and CW. You can always find out where he is via APRS. Don't email this guy ... just call for him on the repeater system!

Craig, W7CDPMr. Tuesday
Craig, now retired lives in NW Spokane moving their in December 2013 from Colville, WA. He is a third generation from that area. He hosts the Tuesday morning net from his ham shack which is also the Man Cave. His XYL,
Debby is blind and is very busy running around town, doing you name it. Blindness have never stopped her. She has a Dog Guide from The Seeing Eye, Morristown, NJ. Which is dog number 7. Craig, as a former pilot, enjoys aviation, riding bikes, traveling and just plain meeting folks and managing the farm in Colville. You can contact Craig at craphi at gmail dot com.




Thanks to Ken for hosting the Stanley Steamer net for us.





Bill, KG7SJR

Bill, KG7SJR, is new to ham radio having received his Tech in March of 2015 and his general in August of 2015. He is currently working on becoming an Extra licensee. Bill received an AA Degree in Electronics from Shasta Junior College in Redding CA in 1968. Bill worked for the Dept of the Navy as a ET in a radar shop at Alameda Naval Air Station. In late '69 the first draft lottery was announced and he and his roommates were just a trio of the thousands of winners that year. He was studying microwave theory at Hewlett Packard Labs in Palo Alto,CA at night at the time. He enlisted in the US Army in 1970, and was the Distinguished Honor Graduate for the USA Signal School as a microwave technician and was promptly sent to Viet Nam!
After the army, Bill traveled the country and wound up in Eugene, OR(GO Ducks) were he met his bride to be, Jan Love. Jan, a BS RN, and Bill have two sons. Nate 30 and Mac 28. They moved from Portland to the Spokane Valley in 1997. They currently have two 80 lb lap dogs, 20 chickens, and 3 bee hives. They are entrepreneurs and are owed by a garden center and a spice and tea shop. Bill is a woodworker, a macgyver, loves the outdoors and aspires to be a ham radio operator. Jan is a crafter, knitter, quilter, business partner and wonderful wife of 40 years!!
He wants to thank all of those people in the KBARA network for welcoming him as the Monday Morning Net host! He operates from his work shop using an Icom 706 into a Comet GP15 tri band antenna. He can be reached at
LUVCOYL at gmail dot com..

Jeff, KG7HZT
Mr. Friday
Jeff lives in Spokane Valley and hosts the net from his home shack on an Icom IC-7100 into a Diamond X-30 antenna using a Heil Proset headset. Jeff enjoys chatting with other hams on HF and VHF and is also a D-Star
user. His other hobbies include fly fishing, camping, and gardening. He has four cats who wander in and out of the shack at will. Jeff can be reached at kg7hzt at centurylink dot com.