Kamiak Butte Amateur Repeater Association, Spokane WA

© 2017, Kamiak Butte Amateur Repeater Association

Kamiak Butte Amateur Repeater Association
7am NW Regional/International Net

Begin at 7am:
Good morning. Welcome to the 7AM NW Regional/International Net on KBARA repeaters. This is net control station _______, my name is _______, and I am located in ________.

This is an open net, and all Amateurs are welcome to join in. This net or variations of it meet every morning at 7AM Pacific Time on the Kamiak Butte Amateur Repeater System. We can also be heard on repeaters connected to EchoLink, and IRLP reflector 9075.

If at any time during the net, any station has emergency traffic,don't hesitate to break in. Please allow a few seconds of pause between transmissions to give time for emergency traffic. Also, allow a second or two after keying your transceiver before speaking - this will allow the repeater system time to link-up.

This is ________, and we will begin the check-ins with those stations that are mobile, portable or wish to be quickly in and out.

Halfway through the net:
We wish to thank the owners of the KBARA repeaters for the use of their system. We would also like to thank Dave, KL7M for the use of the Alaska Reflector, Channel 5. If you would like to become a member and supporter of the KBARA system, please send $15 for a single membership, or $20 for a family membership to:

P.O. Box 30801
Spokane WA 99223-3013

More information can be found on our Website at
www.kbara.org.  You may also pay membership dues or contribute to the repeater fund using PayPal from our web site.

At the end of the net:
Good morning and thank you for checking into the 7AM NW Regional/International Net. This is net control station _________ closing the net at _________hrs.