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K1RR Repeater Page
Callsign K1RR
Owner(s)Glen Ahlborn-K1RR, John Dempster-W7OE
Output Frequency 147.360 Mhz
Input Frequency 147.960 Mhz
Input CTCSS Tone Required None
Output CTCSS Tone None
Location Stensgar (Stranger) Mt. Near Chewela
Latitude N 48.181
Longitude W -117.990
Elevation 5819 Ft
RX Radio Motorola Mitrek VHF
TX Radio Motorola Mitrek VHF
TX Power 10 W
Repeater Controller Link Communications RLC-1
RX/TX Antenna High gain vertical mounted on tower about 30' above ground
Link Description Hard wired full duplex audio to the 223.9 mhz hub repeater controller within the same building

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Glen-K1RR inspecting the TX radio

Mark-K7HPT adjusting the TX radio

Measuring the TX frequency using an MFJ-269