Kamiak Butte Amateur Repeater Association, Spokane WA

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Good Evening. Welcome to the KBARA weekly ragchew and information net. This is net control station , my name is , I am located in . This net invites all licensed amateur radio operators to participate, so please check in with us. Traffic appropriate for this net includes announcements, technical talk, swap listing, sports, today's weather, or any information that is part 97 compliant. Emergency traffic is always welcome.

Again this is an open net and all licensed amateurs are welcome to join in, so let's start our first round of check ins, Come on ahead.

At this time we would like to thank the owners and operators of the Kamiak Butte Amateur Repeater Association, we would also like to thank Dave, KL7M for the use of IRLP reflector 9075. KBARA supports a number of repeaters, IRLP links and echolink. If you would like to become a member and supporter of the KBARA system please send $15 for a single membership or $20 for a family membership to:

PO Box 30801
Spokane, WA 99223-3013

You can also pay membership dues, contribute to the repeater fund or even buy some cool KBARA logo gear on our website at www.kbara.org

This concludes the KBARA weekly ragchew net and thanks to all that participated. This is net control station officially closing the net at . Good evening and 73.