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Friday Evening Elmer-Tech Net

Good evening everyone.  Welcome to the next installment of the "Elmer & Tech Net".  This net meets every Friday at 7:00 pm on KBARA repeaters.  "Elmer" is a term used for those that have experience and knowledge within the amateur radio hobby and choose to share that information with those wanting to learn.  While I try not to get too deep with technical aspects of the topics, we are here to also discuss that for those that want more information.  This is NOT just a newbie net.  Newbies are more than welcome, and ANY question will be answered.  There are no stupid questions.  We also encourage other operators with experience to hang out, participate, and "Elmer" others too.  We need both questions and answers to make this thing work.

Every week we switch between topics and general questions and answers.  Tonight's edition we are _________________.

I am going to go ahead and ask for check ins and see who's participating or listening to the Elmer Net tonight.  I'm not going to call everyone back, but let's just get an idea of who's participating or listening tonight.  Who's ready for the Elmer Net?

Good evening, and thank you for participating in the Elmer & Tech net.  This is net control station ____________ closing the net at __________.