Kamiak Butte Amateur Repeater Association, Spokane WA

© 2017, Kamiak Butte Amateur Repeater Association

 QST, QST, QST This is KB7ARA. Welcome to the KAMIAK BUTTE AMATEUR REPEATER ASSOCIATION'S Wednesday Evening Net. This is a weekly directed net where KBARA members meet to discuss upcoming events, club issues and use of club supported repeaters. All Amateurs are welcome to participate. Anyone with emergency traffic please break in at any time.

This is KB7ARA, my name is _____________, and I'm located in ________________. I'll be your net control for tonight's net.

We’ll now call upon the KBARA elected officials starting with our Directors:

Director Art, WB7AUK
Director Jim, N7WRR
Director Scott, KA7FVV

We’ll now call upon our elected Officers:

President Dennis, KF7UTH
Vice President Bill, KG7SJR
Treasurer Betsy, N7WRQ

Are there any KBARA owners wishing to check into the net?

Are there any KBARA appointed officials wishing to check into the net?

Are there any announcements, comments or questions to come before the net?

We’ll now start the evening's check-ins. Again, this is directed net and all Amateurs are welcome to participate. Please give your call sign, name and location. And of course relays are always welcome.

We’ll begin with those call signs with call sign suffixes beginning with:

A-Alpha through F-Foxtrot
G-Gulf through L-Lima
M-Mike through Q-Quebec
R-Romeo through V-Victor
W-Whiskey through Z-Zulu

Now calling for late or missed stations Alpha thru Mike.
Now calling for late or missed stations November thru Zulu.

We wish to thank the owners of the KBARA repeaters for the use of their system. If you would like to become a supporter, please send $15 for a single membership or $20 for a family membership to:

P.O. Box 30801
Spokane, WA 99223-3013

Too, don't forget our Repeater Fund - any donation amount will be cheerfully accepted.

Good evening, and thank you for checking in. This is net control station KB7ARA closing the Wednesday Evening Net at ___________________hours.